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Our Expat Mobility Services team provides the most effective, efficient and customized mobility package. Mobility package is designed to attain a high quality and smooth individual relocation. We have integrated solutions to support expat staff either for long term relocation or short assignments. 

For an expat who is newly relocated to a foreign country many issues matter. Considering them all, we offer services based on their needs and their level on familiarity with living in Iran. A few examples of expats’ main requirements are:


House search and Move

For any expat finding a decent house to live in is a concern. Having access to wide networks enables us to find the ideal properties for expats due to their financial considerations and lifestyle. We always try to make the best deals to rent a property. 
The services include:

  • To understand the exact needs of the client
  • Make a short list of suitable properties
  • Negotiate rental rates and conditions
  • Check the final rental agreement prior to signature 
  • Facilitate and finalize contract and payment issues
  • Conduct renovations and decorations 
  • Arrange required utilities and facilities
  • Provide necessary supplies 
  • Assist to purchase furniture and other required items
  • Coordinate with forwarding agencies for delivery of consignments




This is a very important part of your new expat life. This phase is designed to give an overall understanding and knowledge about the country and city in which you would probably start your new life. Intercultural training and pre-assignment consultation is prepared in the form of an accompanied program. By the end of this phase, expats would have a clear and realistic understanding regarding necessary daily life issues. 

Our team provides total support to expats and their families during the settling-in process. We assist expats at each and every step of settling-in to resume daily life at the new location easily in a very smooth way.
While the expats are settling-in to the new location, the following services would be provided by our team:

  • Assistance to open bank accounts
  • Orientation of using community facilities, transportation and all essential services
  • Needs assessment prior to arrival through regular communication
  • Intercultural workshop.
  • Customized city tour to residential and/or commercial areas and discussion on the characteristics of each location to find the suitable area.
  • Introduction of community facilities and transportation means.
  • Briefing on the real estate market, rates, trends and obligations.
  • Identification of daily facilities such as shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. and necessary related briefings.
  • Guidance to banking and financial services.
  • Guidance to Health care and medical services, identification of trustworthy providers and necessary briefings.
  • Identification and discussion on available schooling services and assisting to choose the best available ones.
  • Providing information and assistance regarding Internet, phone and similar facilities.
  • Identification of sport clubs based on the client’s needs.
  • Providing cultural tour and introduction of entertainment opportunities (Based on client’s request)






School search:


As some of international transferees move with their children we give some special consultants assist to families. Understanding how important children education is to their parents, we have created special services of choosing the most appropriate school /kindergarten and childcare.

Schooling Assistance include:


  • Provide information about “I.R.IRAN” international schools and their education system
  • Evaluate and overview school reports and schooling options
  • Coordination of school visit and tentative placement
  • Arrange appointment with head-masters
  • Assistance in gathering required academic records
  • Advice and assist with school registration and all related details such as books, uniforms and etc.
  • Kindergarten consultants

We assist expat‘s  parents in finding the best  kindergarten in their neighborhood  that is suitable for their children’s and also we take care of finding the ones that fit in your budget .


Childcare and Nurseries

Assistance to find reliable nannies, maids and nurseries and all day care related facilities 


Short-assignment and CIP Services

Short term assignment services are mostly designed to support expo participation programs or on-assignment business delegations in order to have an efficient business trip. Most certainly it would be of great importance to ask for such services prior to arrival. This part of services mostly includes but not limited to the followings: 

  • Arrival CIP services and CIP lounge booking
  • Airport transportation
  • Provide temporary accommodation
  • In-town and suburban transportation
  • Assign Interpreter and assistant during the assignment (tailored to the needs)
  • Provide administrative procedures (during the assignment and after that)


360 Patronage

We would stand beside you as long as you ask for our support; by establishing your business in Iran you can expect us to manage your issues such as:

  • Essential physical office equipment
  • IT services
  • Communication facilities


Therefore we have provided several packages, each containing parts of services introduced above:

  • One-day package
  • Two-days package
  • Relocation package
  • Pre-arrival

The client could choose one or more of these packages. To know more detail about these packages please contact us.