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Toal company

We have the luxury of having access to and being supported by highly experienced and reputable advisors who have been active in Iranian market for many years, enabling us to provide you with Professional Consultancy Services:

Legal Advisory

  • Review legal documents
  • Provide legal advisory regarding the local and international issues
  • Brand/ trade mark registration
  • Company/ legal entity registration
  • Provide necessary documents such as contracts, MOUs, NDAs, MOMs 


Banking Consultancy

  • Introduce the national banking laws and regulations
  • How to open bank account in Iran
  • How to manage bank account and do the international transactions
  • Provide assistance to open the bank account


Financial Consultancy

  • Introduce national tax regulations and other legal duties
  • Guidance toward registration of legal entity in the Tax Affairs Organization
  • Provide information on national bookkeeping and accounting standards and regulations


Insurance Advisory

  • Introduce available insurance policies ( medical&health, life&incident, liability, property, engineering&all risks... )
  • Identify the essential coverage for the client based on the risks and nature of business
  • Introduce the most suitable insurance solutions to the client 


Contract Advisory

  • Introduce the available types of contract to the client ( license/ J.V/ consortium/ know-how supply/ consultant ... )
  • Provide essential information regarding the national laws and regulations affecting the contracts
  • Propose the most appropriate contract type based on the client's nature of business 
  • Assist and support the client during the preparation of contract and the negotiations.