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We do believe that success can be guaranteed in today’s expanding and ever-changing complex global economy through employing professionally deployed services. Approaching a new market is always challenging for business owners and market development executives. Exploring the new market in order to understand its nature, recognizing main and credible players and the business culture, finding how market reacts to different situations and trends, behavior of local businesses facing their prospect business partners / competitors are of great importance for new comers. Iran is benefiting from significant numerous investment opportunities, while expecting to be recognized as the next emerging market of our era. Many foreigner investors, entrepreneurs and international corporations are eager to enter Iran’s market. Based on the complicated nature of market, businesses are facing a complex competitive environment along with difficulty to access accurate and appropriate opportunities. Being accompanied by trustful consultants and entering the market along with the experts will defiantly reduce the risks and create a convenient market entry for businesses both in financial and reputational aspects.

SMART INVEST IRAN is authentic consultant and assistant for global businesses who are willing to explore the opportunities in Iran's market. SMART INVEST IRAN belongs to ATP Co. and dedicated to ease and facilitate establishing and running businesses in Iran’s market. ATP is an Iranian private joint stock company founded in April, 2011. ATP itself spun off from ITCEN Company. Appropriate business matching and accurate market studies are the very first services available by our team to support you through your decision making and setting local business policy. At the stage of establishing your business in Iran, you can rely on us for more comprehensive services. Expat mobility services, human resources solutions and corporate event management are the most required services after establishment of global businesses in the domestic markets. We provide all overseas owned enterprises with a comprehensive range of requested support - within our scope of services and national laws and regulations- to introduce business and investment opportunities and assisting them start and run businesses in Iran.

What makes us different?
Our team
comprised of well-educated young executives being along with our highly experienced members who are the reason of our growth and success during past four decades of performing quality services.

Our network
backing up by 40 years of presence in Iran’s market enabled us to build a strong partnership with trustworthy and well-known local service providers, advisors and key business players. Having such network, distinct us by providing added value to our clients.

Our reputation
gained by adherence to ethical principal, professional approach and legitimate policies restrictedly observed by all company’s generations.

No7,5th Floor,MellatTower,
Valiasr Street,Tehran-Iran.
Google Map of 35.775948,%2051.413031
+9821 2205 2266
+9821 2205 2671
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No7,5th Floor,MellatTower,
Valiasr Street,Tehran-Iran.
+9821 2205 2266
+9821 2205 2671
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